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 We're your full-service partner, guiding you from concept to flawless execution. Every detail, meticulously planned, overseen, and styled to perfection. Let's create an influential presence together. Bring your Social Media dreams to life with the artistry and expertise of The Social Haus.


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Spend more time nurturing your business and less time fighting the algorithm. Let us create content that’s strategy-driven & viral-worthy, with your dream aesthetic to match. Sit back, we got this.

content creation


Create consistent content, build an audience of raving followers + generate revenue, without the stress. Achieve your business goals with images, videos and templates that reflect your business. 

instagram management


Your perfect feed awaits. Seamless planning, exceptional execution, and meticulous attention to detail ensure your profile reflects your unique style and goals.

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Your socials, your vision, flawlessly brought to life. At The Social Haus, we collaborate with you, hand-in-hand, to craft a bingeworthy experience. Explore our collaborative approach and see how we bring your unique vision to reality, and let's chat!


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With a commitment to measurable success, we don't just create content; we deliver tangible results. Our data-driven strategies and continuous optimization ensure that your social media efforts translate into increased visibility, enhanced engagement, and sustainable growth for your brand.

Results-Driven Approach


Benefit from our team's deep understanding of Instagram's ever-evolving algorithms and trends, ensuring your content stays ahead of the curve.With 8 years of expertise, our trend-savvy team meticulously plans and executes every detail of your online presence.

Commitment to Excellence


We craft bespoke concepts reflecting your unique story and vision, making each interaction with your audience as unforgettable as you are.

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Discover the Social Haus, where we craft bespoke strategies that breathe life into your brand, connecting you with your audience in the most impactful way. Our focus is on creating high-quality, engaging content that reflects your brand's voice and appeals to your target audience.

Priscilla sees beyond trends, focusing on the intricate details that elevate events to art. Inspired by life's diverse touchpoints, she utilizes the finest materials and new technologies to create uniquely shareable moments.

Our Story

Meet The Founder

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- Reel editing 
- Feed planning
- Photo + video bank
- Template editing 
- Caption writing



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- Competitor analysis
- Hashtag research
- Trending posts research
- Content calendar
- Social media analytics
- Posting schedule 3 days a week



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- Consultation
- Social media audit
- Social strategy
- Content pillars 
- Visual strategy
- Content strategy



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Arriving at your personalized quote involves an initial complimentary consultation where we dive deep into your social goals and needs. After understanding the scope of your vision, we will create a personalized proposal - no strings attached.

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The Luxury experience is the ultimate service. Every detail is meticulously envisioned, crafted, and managed. Tailored for time-strapped entrepreneurs seeking the ultimate hands-off solution, this package includes Social Media Strategy, Instagram Management, and Content Creation. 


A comprehensive instagram management service, this is our most popular choice. The signature package includes everything in the strategy service and daily management of your instagram so you can focus on your business. providing busy business owners with a professional page without the time-consuming hassle. We elevate your online presence while you focus on growing your business."


If you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to post, struggling to set clear goals for your social media presence, or hesitant to invest in a social media manager, our guidance and resources are here to help. Our tailored solutions empower you to navigate Instagram with confidence, establish meaningful goals, and create engaging content that resonates with your audience, all without the need for a dedicated social media manager.






How early should I contact you to secure my booking ?

Act quickly to secure your exclusive spot! We recommend reaching out 4-6 weeks in advance to guarantee our dedicated attention to your Instagram management needs. Our exclusive services have limited availability, so don't miss the chance to elevate your online presence with a customized approach tailored just for you. Contact us now to ensure your spot in our coveted schedule!

How can your Social Media Strategy benefit my business?

Our budget-friendly option provides a fresh perspective, analyzing what's working and where improvements can be made. With comprehensive auditing, bio optimization, and feed styling, you'll gain full clarity on your brand, create consistent content, build an audience of raving followers + generate revenue, without the stress.

What sets your Luxury Experience package apart?

The Luxury Experience is a holistic solution combining Social Media Strategy, Instagram Management, and premium Content Creation. Crafted for time-strapped entrepreneurs, it ensures a hands-off approach to online success with meticulously managed details for an unparalleled digital presence.

Can your services accommodate my specific business goals?

Absolutely. Our approach is highly flexible, ensuring our services align seamlessly with your unique business objectives. Whether you aim to boost brand awareness, drive sales, or enhance engagement, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed expectations. We work with many different types of businesses, and always do market research to understand your industry better.

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"Choosing their services turned the overwhelming task of managing Instagram into a stress-free success story. The Social Media Strategy provided a clear roadmap, and the daily Instagram management allowed me to focus on my business, resulting in increased revenue and peace of mind. I highly recommend Priscilla and her team. thank you"

- Dr Schmidt


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